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Everybody Likes a Compliment

From: Carl Gigg to Newton Transport

 Hi All


I just wanted to take this opportunity to comment on your driver. Sorry that I am so ignorant that I never remember anyone’s name but he dropped off to us all of the BMW loads as well as collecting at least one from us.


Anyway, I wanted to say that he is one of the most helpful, professional and pleasant drivers we have ever encountered. I know he has been doing jobs for us for a couple of years and the comments are always the same. To be honest this could almost be said about all of the drivers you send to us. Always, clean and tidy, care for their vehicles and have a great attitude. This is very helpful in our line of business as things often do not go as planned and we always want to fit a quart into a pint pot.


So thanks again and please pass on our comments. This not only comes from me but Brian, Viv and Jaime who have unloaded him in the last couple of days as well as me (we like to share the work!).


Take care and here’s to the next one. I dare say Mark will be in touch soon about the Scottish Open and Open Golf shortly after.


Cheers Carl


Carl Gigg

Logistics Manager


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